First of all thanks for coming to this page. There are a many ways you can help from time to money or a few clicks of a mouse. We'd love to see you participate in or volunteer at events but understand this isn't for everyone. So if you are keen to help you'll hopefully find ways to do so here.


Difficulty - Few clicks of a mouse

Commitment - Little to none.

This could be the best source of fundraising for the school. Cashback is generated from online purchases. 0.5% on most Amazon purchases and Easy fundraising varies from site to site. Check out Amazon Smile page for a how to guide and videos. Check back for Easy Fundraising but you can set up an account at Easy Fundraising. Money is deposited directly into our bank account and this can make a big difference. £762 was made from Easy Fundraising in 2018. We think this has a lot of potential for growth.

Quick note from Trent. Hi, I'm currently constructing this page. The plan is to build the Amazon Smile and Easy Fundraising pages first. Then I'm going to try to build a "What your money does for the school page". It'll be slow going as I first wanted to do this 12 months ago (some people might remember a couple of related Facebook posts.) So please be patient. If you have suggestions please email us. Priority is to get the information out there I'll polish it later if I have the time and the skill. If you would like to help out please contact us.

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