The Friends of Halstow have started to raise money for a multi-use games area  (MUGA) in the large playground. A substantial amount  of money has been raised already in order to replace  some of our wooden equipment and the flooring  surrounding it in the big playground; the children will be  able to use this equipment in the Summer term.


  1. A MUGA would create an area for the children to play specific games in and having a flat,  even and soft surface for this to happen on, would greatly benefit their play.

  2. MUGA's are built  for many different sporting activities including basketball, netball, short Tennis, Foursquare and  football to name a few. It will be a wonderful facility and will give Halstow’s children access to a broad variety of team sports.

  3. The MUGA will be used during playtimes and PE lessons – it would also be used after school and potentially during weekends as well.

  4. The MUGA would also benefit some of our neighbours who, in the past, have had many balls  fly into their garden; it would greatly reduce their stress and increase the amount of balls  games which the children could play.


There would still be other areas in the playground for children to play other games, especially  basketball and foursquare, two very popular games at Halstow.

We are really excited to be heling the school fundraise for the MUGA pitch but we cannot do this without your help. To support this hugely important project, please volunteer your time, get involved and support us at one of our MUGA fundraising events. 


You can find more detail on the proposals and fundraising activities in these dedicated MUGA pages.  


Maddie, Chris, Cynthia and Simon will be working on the school's behalf to co- ordinate the fundraising for the MUGA. Please email them on HalstowMUGA@gmail.com with all your questions, concerns, fundraising ideas  and thoughts on the MUGA. They will be updating each half-term with a MUGA  newsletter. 

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