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Halstow Primary School
Year 6 Leavers Book & T-Shirt Form

Every year, in addition to the Leavers Ball and End of Year Performance that the school put on, the Year 6 parents and carers fundraise to provide things like a Yearbook, t-shirt, picnic party in East Greenwich Pleasaunce etc. 

This year is obviously very different and many of the planned activities have had to be cancelled or postponed and we are unable to fundraise with cake sales etc. 

However, as many of you are aware, on 11th March, a Parents and Carers meeting was arranged via the Yr6 WhatsApp Group and we are able to go full-steam ahead to produce the Yearbook for every Yr6 child and teacher! 

This will be based on the amazing photos taken in school by LSA Holly (a selection of which appear on the website) and will also include letters from the Yr6 teachers and Tom Gray, quiz answers from the Yr6’s themselves and their Reception photo. 


We may be able to add other content depending on space/cost and will keep you posted on these!

Although we originally planned to have a team for each Year 6 activity, this has now shrunk to: 

Group co-ordinator:
Rachael Osborne


Anna Pemberton


Abbie Goddard & Suzy Wright


Year Book design lead:
Debbie Joyce


Yearbook production:
Emanuel Caraza & Tania Lopez


Yearbook content patrons:
Sam Rowe & Eve Daniels


T-shirt lead:

Rachael Osborne


Pleasaunce party lead:
Barbara Orellana

If you would like to be involved with any specific areas of planning or production, please contact Rachael Osborne

Explicit permission from each parent / carer is required to use photographs in this book, please see the consent form below. 

Secondly, it was suggested that a logo’d t-shirt is also provided for each Year 6 child, which they can get signed by their friends during the Year 6 Prom which Halstow have pledged to hold when this becomes possible.  

After obtaining quotes, it was suggested that a donation of £25 per year 6 child be made to go toward the cost of the Year Book and T-Shirt.  This is a suggested amount only, please feel free to contribute more or less. 


Please click the PayPal payment link below:

Any excess funds remaining will be donated to Halstow school.