easyfundraising will donate a portion of your online purchases to Friends of Halstow. It turns everyday online shopping with participating retailers into free money for Friends of Halstow. As of the end of 2021, a total of £4,650 has been raised for Friends of Halstow.

How to use easyfundraising for Friends of Halstow:

1. Go to https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk.

2. Search "Halstow" in the cause search box on the right.

3. Select "Halstow Primary School - East Greenwich."

4. Either create an account or log into your existing easyfundraising account. 

5. Search for participating retailers - % of cash back varies.

6. Go to partner retailer's site directly from easyfundraising site to shop.

7. Add a browser extension to generate a pop-up reminder each time you visit a participating retailer. 


AmazonSmile will pay 0.5% cashback to Friends of Halstow on your Amazon purchases. With just a few clicks you could be making free money for Friends of Halstow every time you shop on Amazon. Every penny makes a difference and it adds up quickly. 

How to use AmazonSmile for Friends of Halstow:

1. Log into smile.amazon.co.uk with your Amazon account details.

2. Click on the "Supporting" tab on the top left.

3, Search and select "Friends of Halstow" in the charitable organisation search box.

4. Tick the box acknowledging you must always start at smile.amazon.co.uk.

5. Bookmark this page and go shopping. 

Business sponsors

Do you know a friendly local business? Please get in touch at friendsofhalstow@gmail.com if you know a business which might like to sponsor one of our Friends of Halstow events or donate goods for an event or a raffle prize.

Employer support

Your employer might offer some form of support if you are involved in charitable activities. This is a tremendous opportunity for raising additional funds for Friends of Halstow. Please get in touch with your HR or Community Relations department to find out if your employer offers such benefits and how you can apply. Options include:

1. Employee volunteering

a) Your employer may allow you to take paid time off to volunteer. 

b) Your employer may donate money to your chosen charity in recognition of the hours you have          volunteered during your own time. You will need to provide written confirmation of your        involvement from Friends of Halstow. 

2. Employee giving

a) Your employer may operate a payroll giving or Give As You Earn scheme which allows you to make one-off or regular donations straight from your gross salary before tax is deducted. This is a highly efficient way of giving and Friends of Halstow is registered with HMRC and eligible to receive donations in this way.

b) Your employer may operate a matched giving scheme where it matches your donations up to a specified limit.

3. Employee fundraising

a) Your employer may match an amount you raise through a fundraising activity.

b) Your employer may donate prizes for raffles.

If you would like further information or support on how you might be able to raise funds through your employer, please get in touch at friendsofhalstow@gmail.com