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Friends of Halstow committee holds public meetings about once a month and every parent and carer of a current pupil at Halstow Primary School is welcome to attend the meetings. 


The meetings are an essential part of our brainstorming and planning and they're a fantastic way to get involved and meet other Halstow parents and carers. You'll find out about upcoming events and fundraising initiatives as well as opportunities to help. You'll also hear the funding requests from school leadership and see how the money we raise is spent.

Join online or in person (teachers staff room at school 8pm)

Meeting Dates

Tuesday 16 April - Friends of Halstow meeting

Tuesday 14 May - Friends of Halstow meeting


Dates have been planned for future committee meetings and some events. 

If you have business to add to the agenda, please get in touch at

Join Online with Google Meet


Past meetings minutes

Winter Committee Meeting Minutes 12.12.23

AGM Autumn Committee Meeting Minutes 10.10.23

Autumn Committee meeting Minutes 12.9.23

AGM Autumn Committee Meeting Minutes 6.10.22

Summer Committee Meeting Minutes 5.5.22

Spring Committee Meeting Minutes 3.2.22


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