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So Many Books, So Little Time

Updated: May 23, 2022

Friends of Halstow gave £2,596 to Halstow Primary School for new library books. Click on this post for more details from Ms. Tilley.

The books purchased have been added to the shared hallway libraries on each floor of the main school building for the children's use and enjoyment. The school collaborated with the book shop Tales on Moon Lane to invest in a varied selection of books to support and enhance the rich curriculum at Halstow Primary School. Co-Head Teacher Ms. Tilley says, "Reading is incredibly important to us all at Halstow and this is why we are so grateful that the funding provided by the Friends of Halstow has enabled us to update the books available to children across the school. New books are released all the time as well as new editions of books that we all know and love: it is our job to make these available to the children and inspire them to pick up a story or information book that sparks their enthusiasm and interest. We've deliberately tried to order some hard back editions this time which can be beautifully displayed in a way that encourages the children to pick them up. We have also ordered a collection of books that will enable us to share a broad range of topics with the children such as texts which look at diversity, mental health or ecological issues. Hopefully if they are inspired by a topic, there will be a book that they can pick up to deepen their understanding and interest even further."

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